Why French Parents Are Superior

French KidsYou may have read the article in the Wall Street Journal about why French parents are better at raising well-behaved, self-sufficient children. While I have no experience with French culture, I did relate with the observations of the author of the article. It does seem that we are a society that encourages our children to have what they want, whenever they want it.

Fruits & Veggies

Andrew E. Larsen

This attitude bothers me the most when it comes to feeding our children. I always encourage parents to take advantage of the time when they have the most control over what their children are eating. Parents should be fostering tastes for veggies, fruits, and lean proteins, and explaining why our bodies need these foods. By putting good food in front of your kids and avoiding junk food, you will reap the benefits throughout your child’s life. They will happily eat foods when they are older that you have encouraged while they were toddlers.

Many parents use sweets or junk food to pacify their children into submission. This sets up a very unhealthy pattern of eating that is very difficult to break once the child gets older. Food can be the best medicine or the worst poison! Teach your children about healthy eating while you can and you won’t be disappointed later.

Check out my blog article titled “Broccoli is gross!: A mom’s guide to healthy eating for kids” for tips for getting your children to eat healthy foods.

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