Thank goodness for Colic Care!

Dr. Tara, Creator of Colic Care

When I developed Colic Care, it was out of necessity for my patients. My daughter (now six years old) had little problems with colic symptoms, other than some pesky hiccups. I am now the proud mom of a 4 week old, who has had a much more difficult time with his digestion than his older sister did. Luckily, I have Colic Care on hand to help us through this process! I wanted to share a little insight, both about the product, as well as the benefits that I have been able to achieve with his tummy troubles.

My son’s name is Levi. He was a big baby (9.5 lbs) and ended up being delivered via c-section. This probably started him off on the wrong foot, as babies born via c-section don’t get exposed to the “good bacteria” that are present during a vaginal
birth. In any case, about two weeks of age, he started having episodes of crying that seemed to be related to gas and stomach pain. He also had some pretty “forceful” bowel movements that would cause him a lot of distress. I started using Colic Care,
and now, two weeks later, I can tell you that he is much happier and content. His stomach pain seems to have lessened dramatically, and he doesn’t seem as bothered by his bowel movements. He even slept in three hour increments last night without
waking in a screaming fit from pain.

I also wanted to let you know about the different ways you can use Colic Care. I am breastfeeding, and Levi’s dad is using expressed milk via bottle while I am at work and every other night. With bottles, we simply put ½ scoop in at least two of the bottles. I also make up a “batch” consisting of about 1 oz of breastmilk or warm water with 1 scoop of Colic Care. I then dose this throughout the day, usually prior to feedings or immediately after, utilizing a medicine dropper. I have also made a paste and put it on my finger. The paste seems to be the best for hiccups because I can get the entire dose of ½ scoop in his mouth at one time. The hiccups generally go away within 5 minutes of giving him the paste.

I hate that my son had to have such a rough beginning with his stomach issues, but I am glad I was able to personally experience the struggles that mom’s go through with similar situations. Colic Care is a product that I am proud to say can help ease your baby’s transition to a more mature digestive tract and make him or her more comfortable. Mom and Dad will be more comfortable too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you will try Colic Care for yourself!  And as always, if you have any questions, please just “Ask Dr. Tara!”

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