More Problems from the FDA for Tylenol!

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Is the 2010 Recall Worse Than the 1982 Tylenol Recall?

The Tylenol recall 2010 is an astronomically expensive endeavor for Johnson & Johnson. Not only is the recall expensive, it’s also inconvenient and has caused many consumers to lose faith in the drug manufacturer. As the Tylenol recall has been expanded more than once, there are those that assume that the pharmaceutical company doesn’t really know what’s going on.

The 2010 recall has been compared to the one that happened in 1982. In 1982 an individual was responsible for tampering with the containers and placing deadly poison inside the medication bottles. The end result was that Johnson & Johnson had to deal with fatalities. It is because of that incident that we now have the tamper evident packaging on all medications.

In 1982 it only took the company 6 days to respond to consumer complaints. This time around it has taken them – get this – 20 months. Yep. That’s right! Consumers have been complaining about a musty smell coming from the medicine for almost two years now. While the effects aren’t said to be fatal, there are many who have gotten sick from taking the drugs.

The FDA is not too happy with the response from the company. In fact, CNN money reports that Johnson & Johnson has received a warning letter from the FDA. This means that the company has 15 days to respond to the letter and outline how they will keep the same thing from happening again. In addition the government can “withhold approval of requests for export certificates or approval of pending new drug applications” from the company if they aren’t happy with the response.

A list of the products on the recall includes several Tylenol, Tylenol arthritis, Motrin, Rolaids, and children’s products. You can visit the company’s Web site for an exhaustive list of everything that is covered.

How are consumers going to respond to this incident? Are they going to have more faith in the company for taking care of the issues, similar to the 1982 recall or will people lose faith in the ability of the manufacturer to produce a safe and effective product?

In 1982 it was estimated that the cyanide poisonings would be the death of the company. Instead, people saw the response as socially responsible and the sales rebounded shortly after initial panic wore off.

2010 may be a different story. The Johnson & Johnson has been sitting on complaints for almost two years. They haven’t done much other than a little testing here and there to rectify the problem. Now, the government is involved and that could be very, very bad news for the company.

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You may recall from a previous article I did called “At least we know the FDA isn’t biased!” where we discussed problems with Tylenol and acetaminophen. It looks like things haven’t changed. Thanks for the information Meg!!

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