How to Swaddle Your Baby

Sometimes babies just can’t seem to “relax” or they just seem a bit stressed out. Some babies may simply be startled by their own muscle movements. A common technique of soothing a baby is to mimic the womb environment. This is why slings can be helpful. Another way is to keep the baby “swaddled” or wrapped up tightly, so that the baby’s limbs are not flailing around and causing distress. If your baby is born in a hospital, the nurses will no doubt clean up baby and hand him or her back to you in a nice little bundle. Continuing this method at home can make your life a lot easier when your new baby is having difficulties calming down. You can actually use any blanket for swaddling, check out this little video:


Another option is to use a blanket made specifically for swaddling. These blankets are cut so that there is no folding involved, usually has Velcro, and has places to tuck in the blanket. There are many options available and most baby stores have at least one option in stock. Be sure however, to discontinue the swaddling after three weeks so that normal muscle and limb development can continue. Also remember not to swaddle in an especially warm room because overheating is a SIDS risk factor. I hope this helps and happy swaddling!

If you have any questions about this article, or anything else, please feel free to Ask Dr. Tara!! Or, if anyone has anything to add about swaddling babies, we would love to hear about it! Please comment below…

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