Flu Fighters: The All Natural, Healthy Way

This winter will no doubt be a troubling flu season for everyone, especially kids.  Prevention is always the best option and I have included some helpful tips to make sure that your family has the best chance of avoiding the flu.

  1. All Natural Flu Prevention - Advice from Dr. Tara HickmanWash your hands. This has no doubt had a bigger effect on germ transmission than anything else.  Friction is just as important as soap, so rub your hand vigorously under running water, and teach you kids to do the same.
  2. Eat well and get rest. This seems like a no brainer, but if your children do not eat their fruits and vegetables, they will be more susceptible to flu bugs. Don’t be afraid to tell them this.  Let them know that eating those foods will make them strong and keep them from getting sick.  To learn more about getting your kids to eat healthy, read Dr. Tara’s article, Broccoli is Gross! – A mom’s guide to healthy eating for kids, in The Colic Care Blog.
  3. Stay on probiotics the entire winter season. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that provide precursors for our immune system, among a host of other beneficial processes.
  4. Consider herbal teas. Make herbal teas made of lemon balm, avena, echinacea, etc. and try them on your kids. You never know, they may like the taste. Try adding some xylitol which has its own immune boosting effects, and is a natural sweetener.
  5. Vitamin C. The key to vitamin C is to keep a high level throughout the day, not a big dose at one time. It is water soluble, so it tends to exit the body quickly. A mere 250 to 500mg several times per day is much more effective at boosting the body’s immune response.  Emergen-C is a great option and tastes great for kids.
  6. Visit a licensed naturopathic physician. They can help you with dosing immune boosting nutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin D. These are fat-soluble vitamins, which means that you can overdose on these, and you need a knowledgeable medical professional to help you determine what dosage is appropriate for your child.

Hopefully, this season will not be the pandemic that is predicted.  And following the above tips can help you avoid contracting any bugs that may be going around. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Ask Dr. Tara if you have any questions!!

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