Do mom’s migraines mean colic for baby?

A new study was published this month that suggested a strong link between moms who have a history of migraines, and the likelihood that their children will have colic. The researches suggest that colic might be an early manifestation of a migraine.


Robbie Wagner

From my standpoint and experiences with my patients, I see food sensitivities play a large role in migraine frequency. Since food sensitivities tend to be inherited, it seems plausible that colic could be related to these shared food sensitivities. Colic Care is great for helping to mature your baby’s stomach so that food sensitivities do not cause as big of a problem as they would otherwise.

Colic most likely has a variety of causes, but if we can reduce the chance that stomach pain is a cause of your baby’s fussiness, we are one step ahead! Colic Care can help with these types of digestive issues!

If you have any questions, please feel free to “Ask Dr. Tara”.

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