Another Satisfied Customer–Colic Care Helps Adults Too!

Bottle of Colic Care

Today I received a wonderful phone call from a very satisfied customer. This call was different, however, because the person who benefited from Colic Care® was an adult! I was very touched by this call because this person had suffered a traumatic brain injury and is confined to a wheel chair. Unable to move, she would suffer tremendous pain, particularly at night, due to gas pains.

Upon using Colic Care®, she has had an amazing reduction in the pain and is now able to sleep at night. Her mother and caretaker was the one who reached out to us to tell us about how much Colic Care® has helped her daughter and that she hoped that we would be able to tell others about this benefit for adults. Thank you Lynn for reaching out to us and letting us know about this wonderful application of Colic Care®. If you or someone you know is suffering from gas pains, please tell them about our product! Then tell us how it helped them!

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