How Do You Increase Your Immune System? Immunity Care is Here!

All Natural Immunity CareNaturopathic Alternatives is proud to announce the availability of the new supplement -Immunity Care. Immunity Care is a wonderful addition to Colic Care because it helps the ingredients in Colic Care work even better, and helps to improve the normal development of the immune system (something we all want for our kids!). Immunity Care contains prebiotics–a type of fiber that helps the probiotics in Colic Care establish a happy home in the GI tract. Happier probiotics = happier tummy and immune system! In addition, the ingredients in Immunity Care have research that suggests it can help reduce the frequency of ear infections–something many little ones have to deal with. Some of the research supporting the use of Immunity Care is listed below.

The ingredients in Immunity Care are safe and effective for all ages.  It mixes easily in liquid and has a slightly sweet taste. A good dose to start with is 1/2 scoop per day for children under a year, and 1 scoop per day for children from 1 to 5 years old.

Immunity Care is another example of our commitment to developing products that help the underlying natural processes in the body work better. Don’t settle for supplements that only treat symptoms–use Colic Care and Immunity Care together to give you children the best chance at a healthy stomach and immune system.



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