Homeopathic Remedies for Colic?

Homeopathy FlowersAs a doctor who uses homeopathy in my practice, I am sometimes asked about why I haven’t developed a homeopathic formula to include in Colic Care.  If you look on the market, you will see many combination homeopathic remedies (products that have many homeopathic ingredients) for all kinds of conditions, including colic. Combination remedies have a few problems. To understand why, we have to consider the basis for homeopathy.

Understanding Classical Homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is the most safe and effective way to use homeopathy for conditions that are more chronic in nature. Eczema, recurrent ear infections or colds, reflux, sleeplessness, and colic are all examples of things that a baby might deal with that last longer than a few days.  For chronic conditions, the homeopathic practitioner takes an extensive look into all of the child’s individual symptoms and finds ONE remedy that best fits the current symptoms. There are many factors that go into finding the correct remedy, and only practitioners that are well trained and experienced can determine the best fit.

Fighting a Cold with HomeopathicsUsing a combination remedy for chronic conditions can lead to aggravation of symptoms, as well as confusion if the combination works for a short time but then stops working. Using combination homeopathic remedies for things like colds, or other symptoms that will probably end on their own anyway, is ok to try. Research into homeopathy shows over and over again that it is not effective to take one condition (for example, colic) and apply the same remedies without looking at the individual symptom picture of each child. When research is done utilizing competent practitioners who utilize one remedy at a time, the results are very good.

Are Combination Remedies Safe for Colic Treatment?

Is it safe and effective to use a combination homeopathic remedy for infant colic? In my opinion, homeopathy is to be used under the supervision of a trained practitioner. In this setting, homeopathy can be very useful. Most likely, you will not cause lasting harm to you infant from using these types of products that are on the market, however, you will have better results from finding an expert to help determine the appropriate remedy for you child.

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