Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take Colic Care® to work?

Results will vary from child to child, but most will see a change within the first 10-15 minutes of administering Colic Care®. This relief is from the fennel and chamomile which have been proven to help ease the symptoms of colic. However, to really see the full effectiveness and power of Colic Care®, you need to continue to give it to your baby for at least two weeks. That is about how long it will take for the probiotics to stabilize your baby’s digestive system. Colic Care® is not just used to ease your fussy baby when a bout of colic hits, it is a long term treatment for your infant to PREVENT colic all together.


Is there any research to prove that Colic Care® works?

The first research article discusses the use of probiotics for infant colic.

Antagonistic effect of Lactobacillus strains against gas-producing coliforms isolated from colicky infants.

The second article discusses probiotics versus simethicone (the main ingredient in some of our competitors).

Lactobacillus reuteri (American Type Culture Collection Strain 55730) versus simethicone in the treatment of infantile colic: a prospective randomized study.

The third article talks about the use of fennel seed oil to relieve colic.

The effect of fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare) seed oil emulsion in infantile colic: a randomized, placebo-controlled study.

And the last article talks about the use of chamomile to help with colic.

The Claim: Chamomile Can Soothe a Colicky Baby.


What is colic?

Colic is a term used to describe unexplained bouts of crying from an infant. Generally speaking, colic is defined using the “rule of three’s”, meaning periods of crying for more than three hours a day, three days a week, and longer than three weeks, in an otherwise healthy, well-fed infant. This condition can wreak havoc on a household, particularly new mothers and fathers, who feel like failures because they are unable to soothe their child. No one exactly understands why colic occurs, but the most prevalent theory is that the crying is due to gas pains. Another theory is that the infant is upset because of over stimulation. If you think about it, it must be extremely overwhelming to go from a nice cozy dark space in mommy’s belly to a loud, bright world. Some babies need a little help to calm down. Luckily, the ingredients in Colic Care® address both of these possibilities. For more information on colic, please visit the article entitled “What is Colic?“.


How does Colic Care taste?

Colic Care is one of the best tasting products on the market. It has a very mild, sweet taste, mainly due to the chamomile. If you have ever had a cup of chamomile tea, it is very similar, except sweeter.


Does Colic Care® have any artificial ingredients or sweeteners?

No. Colic Care® contains only natural ingredients and is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural extract from the birch tree. Xylitol has been used for years to prevent cavities, and has antimicrobial properties. It has no effect on blood sugar levels. Colic Care® has no alcohol, which is commonly found in other gripe waters. A full list of ingredients can be found on our “Ingredients and Instructions” page.


How do I give Colic Care® to my baby?

You can administer Colic Care® in any one of several ways.

  • You can mix it in water, formula or expressed breast milk. All you need to do is put the milk in a bottle with Colic Care® and shake vigorously until completely dissolved.
  • You can also wet your finger tip, dip it in Colic Care®, and apply it to your baby’s inner cheek or on the tongue.

Please reference the instructions on your bottle. You can also visit our “Ingredients and Instructions” page. Dr. Tara uses Colic Care® on her child and has come up with more insights into its uses and how to use it. You can read her article titled “Thank Goodness for Colic Care®!” for more information. And as always, you can “Ask Dr. Tara!


When should I use Colic Care®?

Colic Care® is very effective for relieving gas/stomach pain, hiccups, irritability, and sleeplessness. It can also be used in adults for the same conditions, as well as for nausea.


What are probiotics?

You have probably heard that it is good to eat yogurt. The reason for this is because yogurt contains “good bacteria” that live in your digestive tract. When the balance of “bad bacteria” exceeds your “good bacteria” you can get all kinds of problems—constipation, gas, bloating, and diarrhea—just to name a few. Probiotics are what we call these “good bacteria.” To learn more about probiotics and the research showing that probiotics are good for colic, please visit “Probiotics (and Colic Care!) Help Colic“.


Why do babies need probiotics?

Colic Care® contains the most common form of “good bacteria” found in a baby’s digestive tract. Babies have a completely “sterile” digestive tract (no bacteria at all) when they are born until they are exposed to various bacteria. Colic Care® can help to speed up the good bacteria production in the digestive tract so that they have a better chance at avoiding the digestive issues that seem to lead to problems such as colic and reflux.

In addition, research suggests that probiotics, or “good bacteria” can help to strengthen the immune system, so your baby will be less likely to develop colds, ear infections, and “stomach bugs”.


How was Colic Care® developed?

Colic Care® was developed by Dr. Tara Hickman. During her clinical rotations with pediatric patients, Tara realized that many moms were complaining of excessive crying, otherwise known as “colic.” Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not have effective solutions for this condition, and this led Tara to research treatment alternatives for these babies.

During her research, she came across several clinical trials with herbal combinations that had impressive results, and no side effects. The two most impressive herbs were fennel and chamomile. Both of these herbs have been used for hundreds of years and have proven to be safe for use in infants. She then looked for products on the market that had this combination, and realized there weren’t any that she felt comfortable suggesting, mainly due to additives in the products that were either not helpful, or may even be harmful. She decided that she would develop her own product that only contained safe and effective ingredients.

In addition to the fennel and chamomile, Tara wanted to include probiotics because of its wide benefits to both developing immune systems and the impressive current research with probiotics and colic symptoms. The combination of probiotics and botanicals results in an all- in –one product that can help ALL infants and children with stomach pain and PREVENT digestive problems. With the recent withdrawal of certain over the counter pharmaceuticals for children, it is more important than ever to develop products that work and are not dangerous. You can use Colic Care® for your children and feel confident that you are giving them a safe and effective remedy for their stomach pains, irritability, sleeplessness, and promote the development of their immune system at the same time.

For more information about Dr. Tara Hickman or Colic Care®, please visit “About Colic Care®” on our website.


Is Colic Care® safe for my baby?

All ingredients in Colic Care® are manufactured using FDA guidelines, which include GMP, or good manufacturing processes, which make sure that the product is pure and safe. All bottles have a safety seal, and are tested for purity. You can feel confident that this product is safe for your baby.


Are there any side effects?

Colic Care® is completely safe, although there is always a risk that someone can be allergic to any substance. Fennel and Chamomile are recognized by the FDA as safe, and clinical studies using these ingredients have not found any adverse reactions.


Can I mix Colic Care® with expressed breast milk or formula?

Yes. In fact, this may be a preferable method of administering Colic Care®, however, if the baby does not drink all of the bottle, it is difficult to tell how much Colic Care® your baby actually received. For other methods of administering Colic Care® to your child, please read Dr. Tara’s article titled “Thank goodness for Colic Care!


How is Colic Care® different from other colic products on the market?

Colic Care® is the only product that has ingredients to both prevent and reduce the symptoms of colic. In addition, only Colic Care® has a combination of ingredients that promotes a healthy immune system. Other products contain undesirable ingredients such as sugar and sodium bicarbonate, while all of the ingredients in Colic Care® are safe for your baby.


How often should Colic Care® be given to my baby?

Less is always more, especially when dealing with infants. For prevention, you can dose Colic Care® one time per day. If your infant is already experiencing symptoms, you can use Colic Care® 4 times per day.


Does Colic Care® need to be refrigerated?

To maximize freshness, we recommend refrigeration, however, if traveling, Colic Care® will remain fresh at a temperature of 75 degrees F or cooler.


Where can I get Colic Care®?

You can buy Colic Care® right here. You’ll also notice a button on the left side of the page that says “Buy Now.” We are also vigorously working to get Colic Care® on the shelves at many of the stores near you.  To see what stores we are currently in, please visit our Store Locator.  We can also be found on eBay and on Amazon.


Do you ship internationally?

For now, Colic Care® only ships to all 50 states. We are working quickly to grow into other countries.


Can I sell Colic Care® in my store or from my business?

For more information about selling Colic Care® in your retail store or business please contact us via our “Contact Us” page. We are always looking to expand into new markets and would love to discuss that possibility with you! It would certainly be a great opportunity for all involved!